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martedì 5 gennaio 2016

Revelations about the fate of Abdelmalek Sellal, and many neighbors Bouchouareb sealed by Bouteflika

Boutef-et-sellal.jpgBecome Internet users, the official news agency of the presidential circle for different phases of the kingdom of Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the electronic newspaper Algeria1 revealed in an article published recently, the head of the Malaysian state policy with respect to the performance and technique of his closest collaborators including the prime minister and other members of the government, and senators chosen by themselves, and they would write the same media were unfair Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
According to the same source, the faithful Abdelmalek Sellal Bouteflika in the collimator for its gossip and its political immobility before the campaign conducted by "emissaries of the former boss of the DRS." Citing well-informed sources Algeria1 put in the same bag of other ministers would also pushed the door for their incompetence.
On the other hand, some senators third presidential will be fired, the newspapers of his interlocutors made specifically Djilali Affan Guezzane, Brahim and Mohamed Boukhalfa Boulahia "who were conspicuous by their disloyalty to the president ordered that was also superbly paid ingratitude by Yusef Saadi and Zohra Drif-Bitat, the very one who has reached the height of ingratitude to be the accomplice of two shrews (Khalida Messaoudi Louisa Hanoune and Ed) no law in an infamous, ignoble and treacherous farce that has no other purpose than to undermine the President and please their Farik fallen "in allusion to former General Mohamed Médiène.
They also state that "will be appointed a new government, and several ministers, especially those who have created confusion their incessant chatter landed" while "others whose incompetence is proven will snap."
As for Abdelmalek Sellal, it will be ", according to his wishes appointed head of an embassy, ​​since, even showing signs of fatigue and is said about him that several ministers make more consideration and complained of incessant interventions in your order of the day. "
However, "the man actually lacks the scope, possess any strategic vision, he failed to make the transition to a diversified and not master the communication that is its weak point, only anecdotes and jokes that have left without words and stunned some others, especially in international forums, particularly in Arabic, where the handicap of the language was to man a real torture "our sources note.
The newspaper also revealed that the controversial Minister of Industry could be pushed Prime Minister
When asked about the identity of the new prime minister, our sources indicate that "The new prime minister will be to look to the side of Abdesslam Bouchouareb or Ouali Abdelkader, as both men have shown great dynamism in their respective fields. Bouchouareb be a member of RND will have to wait to see if the new constitution does not plan to appoint to this position a member of the majority party, in this case, Ouali who is a member of the Central Committee of the FLN could have his chance, especially since it has a long experience in local government, fully proficient in both languages, and close to the presidential circle to be the pivot of the election campaign of the president. Having said that, the President will, as always fight the odds and pull off the his hat and we expected at least "stress the sources who stressed the" tactical sense extraordinary president can take to walk against all analyzes. "
Our contacts suggest that the new prime minister "will have the difficult task of creating new mechanisms for a renewal of governance and a new economic policy supported by deep structural reforms when the oil price decline in the country poses multiple risks the urgency out the current stagnation and blocking, the creation of a new working environment, contribute to the country's growth, generate productive employment, reduce social tensions, liberate the creative energies and make the difficult transition to an economy outside hydrocarbons "our sources added.
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