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martedì 5 gennaio 2016

Mines: the tender for the assignment of 38 mining sites

b5de631bd214b493b0c7098457f5f34e_L.jpgAn invitation to tender national and international for the granting of 38 mining sites for exploration was initiated by the National Mining (Anam).
The offer was published on Sunday in the press, concerning 13 sites for limestone aggregates production and fine sand, clay products red 10 sites, construction sites for 10 sand, salt 3 sites for the food industry, and one (1 ) site for the production of plasterboard and one (1) Other tuff for public works.
These sites, spread across 21 wilayas, spread over areas ranging from 3 hectares to 1,395 hectares.
The 21 wilayas are Temouchent Ain (1 site), Bechar (1), Chlef (1), Djelfa (1), Khenchela (1), Medea (1), Mila (1) M'sila (1), Guelma (1 ), Oran (1), Saida (1), Sidi Bel Abbes (1), Souk Ahras (1), Tlemcen (1) Ouargla (1), Tizi Ouzou- (1) Mascara (2) Ghardaia (3) El Oued (4), Illizi (4) and Tebessa (9).
To remind the Minister of Industry and Mines, Abdessalam Bouchouareb, he had recently stated that the mining sector in 2016 would experience a "great momentum" through the launch of several projects for the creation of a true mining industry contribute to the reduction of imports in this sector.
He said the mining sector currently generates a low added value and characterized by a lack of human and material resources, lack of expertise in the areas of exploration and extraction, the effort insufficient funding of mining companies for geo-mining research and management globally inefficient mining public companies.
On the action plan, a large exploratory study to update the indexes of ore in the south of the country, was launched with the assistance of international experts, who will know the true mining potential axes to refine the assessment.
This will highlight all the natural resources of the country, as per the demands of the domestic and for export, had advanced the minister argued that the export of unprocessed minerals must stop.
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