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lunedì 4 gennaio 2016

The COSOB clears way for Biopharm to go public.

b0f0d96227cf4b9f76b67df3daea343e_L.jpgThe Organizing Committee and the Securities and Exchange Surveillance (CONSOB) Sunday his visa stamped the notes accompanying the company's IPO private Biopharm Spa, the stock market regulator said in a statement.
This IPO share sale by tender offer (IPO) represents 20% of the share capital of the company is 5,104,375 shares for a total value of 6,252,859,375 dinars (DA), the source said.
An IPO is a transaction whereby one or more shareholders are committed to divest a number of securities at a fixed price determined in favor of an audience in a financial market. This procedure is often used for IPO and privatization.
The offer price fixed for 1,225 DA / share for the public and for employees 1,102.5 DA adds COSOB which stressed that the form of the account registration bearer or registered shares identifiable.
The regulator of the stock market has set the subscription period in operation from 18 to 28 January 2016.
The amount of the share capital of 5,104,375,000 DA Biopharm comprises 25,521,875 ordinary shares. The nominal value of the share is 200 AD, says the same source.
The company's shares will be traded after the close of the transaction, the conditions laid down by the rules of the stock market.
The notes referred to in the prospectus and will be made available to investors at the registered office of the issuer with financial intermediaries in charge of the distribution, the statement added.
Place of Algiers currently has four titles (4) quoted, namely those of the hotel chain EGH El Aurassi, the group Saidal, Alliance Insurance and NCA Rouiba for a market capitalization of 15 billion DA.
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