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venerdì 1 gennaio 2016

The biometric national identity card introduced by January 2016

e636fd046a3b1304deb389c97631e80d_L.jpgThe electronic identity card biometric national 'will be introduced from January ", said Wednesday a statement released after the meeting of the Council of Ministers chaired by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.
The Council of Ministers has heard and discussed a communication from the Minister of the Interior and Local Government on the National Identity Card and Biometric electronics, announced that this document will be introduced from next January.
This paper will be "a milestone in the modernization of public services and the adoption of e-government in the country" and will feature "strong safety devices of the computer."
It will also introduce a "national identification number for all citizens."
To this end, all public services "can be digitized and will become accessible to users, authorities and businesses, reducing the issuance of administrative documents, including by accelerating the delivery of public services and to create finally National Archives easy for all public services. "
To accompany the introduction of this card, a bill will be "soon" presented, including "encode the exchange of information between national authorities and agencies electronically, and define security standards and certification are related."
Another piece of legislation on protection of personal data "will integrate the legal device that will frame generalization and e-government in the country."
Commenting on these files, President Bouteflika welcomed the advent of biometric national identity card that will be "a real lever for the acceleration of public governance in our country."
As such, the head of state instructed the government to "mobilize all means necessary to densify the local production of a national identity card and biometric electronic and then allow its generalization in the shortest time possible."
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