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mercoledì 27 novembre 2013

A municipal manager of Caserta (Italy), take more than Merkel, the Italian Pierluigi Magnaschi on Today

Caserta - Caserta There is a municipal manager who takes over Angela Merkel : 290 thousand euro per year ( gross) against 220 thousand of the German Chancellor . To write it, to support it, citing " reliable sources " (but not public ) is of Italian Pierluigi Magnaschi Today: " A municipal manager takes more than Merkel ." Blitz the newspaper offers its readers an article of the day :
In addition to the difference based on the size , between Berlin and Caserta is the fact that the remuneration of the Chancellery is published on the web , so , who wants to meet you , just make a few clicks away , while the salary of the employee Caserta lucky not can be verified ( although some ) at the municipality of the town bell that is hiding behind the curtain of so-called defense of privacy. A curtain , this, that should apply only to individuals and not to civil servants who , according to the sacrosanct principle , always defended by Don Luigi Sturzo (the founder of the People's Party in Italy ) should be a " glass house " . A house so watchable by everyone without difficulty , given that the machine is powered by the public money of all.
I am sure that the salary of 290 thousand euro per year of the official of the municipality of Caserta is in compliance with the law, has been granted in accordance with the rules , has followed strict procedures , have received all the required stamps and permits provided . The point is not that. The point instead is that just the pay, absurd and unreasonable , both in accordance with the rules . This fact means that the pay is not the fruit ( always punishable offense ) to a coup , a game of skill, a municipal Grisbì , but that the rules are in place that made it possible and which are therefore the rules to be unacceptable .
The deficit is the result of many streams , as well as the floods are the result of many small streams. If you do not identify unsustainable waste , then you will end up ( as happens now ) to pay income tax even to those who earn more than € 850 per month (ie, the starving , in the true sense of the word) . And this is the indifference of all parties , even those that lead to the lapel rosette of sociality but then not ashamed to tolerate public salaries as 290 thousand euro of which we are speaking . And do not do anything to prevent that from happening.
Angela Merkel

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