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martedì 26 novembre 2013

Iran: Israel and Saudi Arabia are preparing a military operation (newspaper)

According Algeria,
The Israeli intelligence service Mossad and the Saudi authorities cooperate to develop an attack against Iran plane , writes the British newspaper Sunday Times referring to diplomatic sources.
"Once the Geneva agreement signed , the military option is back on the table. The Saudis are furious and ready to provide any necessary Israel " support, said one anonymous interlocutors newspaper.
Israel and Saudi Arabia are unhappy with the progress of negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue , saying that any agreement between Iran and the six international mediators will not be enough binding and does not deprive Tehran of its ability to produce weapons nuclear .
According to the newspaper , Riyadh is willing to put its air bases available to Israel in case of attack against the Islamic Republic. Saudi Arabia also plans to provide Israel drones, rescue helicopters and transport aircraft .
A new round of talks between Iran and six ended on 10 November in Geneva. It has not resulted in the signing of an agreement, but the parties said they made ​​some progress . According to the IRNA agency , the next meeting between Iran and six will take place on 20 and 21 November in Geneva.
Iran believes that the international community must recognize its right to enrich uranium . However, some Western countries, notably the United States, do not accept . Tehran was willing to consider a suspension of uranium enrichment , a reduction in the number of centrifuges and signing an additional protocol on safeguards with the International Atomic Energy Agency ( IAEA) exchange for the lifting of banking and oil sanctions .
Iran: Israël et l’Arabie saoudite préparent une opération militaire (journal)

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