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sabato 23 novembre 2013

Islamophobia and Racism: The Great Mosque of Paris vandalized

According Algeria,
The wall of the door of the Great Mosque of Paris was vandalized on the night of Monday to Tuesday . Inscriptions bearing insult to Muslims and Islam were defaced with black felt .
This is the rector of the mosque Dr. Boubakeur who made ​​the announcement , saying: " We deeply regret the racist violence and hostility manifested and against the imposition of Islam iconic that France is the Mosque of Paris ," he said. He announced that a complaint had been lodged with the Commissioner of the fifth arrondissement of Paris. President of the National Observatory against Islamophobia , Abdallah Zekri condemned , in the meantime , this heinous act . For his part, the mayor of Paris , Bertrand Delanoë , has expressed his indignation and anger as a result of these tags abusive , irresponsible and unacceptable.
" By targeting Muslims in Paris , those who spoke to attack the Muslims in France and betrayed the republican pact that binds us all ," said the mayor. The Interior Ministry said yesterday that Manuel Valls strongly condemns the threats written on the walls of the Great Mosque of Paris apposition . " The interior minister understands and shares the ' outrage of the Muslim community and want to ensure its full support for the statement of the Ministry.
Islamophobie et racisme : La Grande Mosquée de Paris vandalisée
The Great Mosque of Paris.

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