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lunedì 4 novembre 2013

MILAN, Galliani: "Berlusconi? No comment. Allegri Trust. Balo unsellable"

Slimane Melab            - I believe the choice to confirm Allegri is just and I do not think that he is the problem of Milan? ? Allegri has already proven to be worthy of winning the championship but with real samples. Right now , the fact of having Kaka back to AC Milan , with a strong emphasis on young ladies called Balotelli and on which counts half of Italy on his return , and regardless of the club. The blame for the failure of AC Milan is in the dressing room and that should be answered in a friendly and family . I do not think even that Galliani must necessarily pay a mistake that has been fatal in the choice of buying Mario Balotelli does not do anything to the club just to talk about , as usual, to the sound of goals but to the rhythm of yellow cards ; in short, 79 tags, if they were goals he would be the last straw for and to society. During these past three years has grown a lot in England ... in stature to get noticed journalists to photograph and responds poorly to an arbitrator or spit on the ground in protest . Professional football , he does not know anything and until now it was just lucky to be sponsored and supported by time with someone who will understand you have the wrong choice. It reminds me of the great Omar Sivori, who racked up 40 expulsions career , but was a great player and so much so he won the Golden Ball in 1961. I think there is someone behind Allegri who said other rules? Congratulations to cousins ​​of Milan and a warm greeting for all sports in Italy.

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