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lunedì 18 novembre 2013

Football. Higuain and Tevez Scudetto Kaka ok, Belfodil postponed

Slimane + MELAB
Before you make a judgment on any sports player, it should be reflected in all the games, look                       him in the field to view and try to understand the reasons for his performance in a positive or                         negative, because he never plays the game and not score? why he is always on the bench? Why would the coach does not making him playing? what are his relations with his coach? .... Are very importants questions that help us to understand the person who is in front of us, otherwise it is very easy to wait for the game on Sunday to give a wrong to our judgment. In my opinion, Higuain, we know that he is a great champion who comes from a very large and prestigious clubs like Real Madrid, and the same oipnion for Carlitos Tevez, too, has already been shown in several countries such as England, in the Manchester City of Mancini still or even in Brazil where he also was voted best player. And as for Belfodil is just a boy who is born in 1992, to 1.92 cm, which never plays. If one doesn't play I don't think we should criticize? And this question must be addressed to Mr. Mazzarri who is always leaving the bench to warm it. Inter did not absolutely need a bit, on the contrary, it needs a great director who will manage the midfield us Sneijder. Greetings to all sports in Italy.
Carlos Tevez, 29 anni, primo anno alla Juventus. Lapresse
Carlos Tevez, 29 anni, primo anno alla Juventus. Lapresse

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