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giovedì 28 novembre 2013

Sonatrach scandal: Chakib Khelil could get away for any flaws

According Algérie-Focus,
Chakib Khelil will probably never be found in Algeria . The wind begins to turn positive in favor of the former Minister of Energy and will escape justice .
According to several media sources , the authorities have found a way to avoid the judgment to the former minister. This is the case from the magistrate of the Tribunal d'Alger in favor of the Supreme Court. On behalf of the "privilege of the court ," a man , former head and near the head of state , will therefore escape justice , as have also been others before him .
According to the newspaper El Watan , the authorities have thus found a " procedural " in the trial of Chakib Khelil . A situation that a mistrial. In Article 158 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, it is clearly stated that " it appears to the judge that an act of information is void , he seized the Indictment Division of the court for the annulment of the act after obtaining the opinion of the prosecutor and notice to the defendant and the plaintiff. If it appears that a prosecutor invalidity has been committed, the judge requires the communication of the procedure for transmission to the charge room and this room has an application for the purpose of cancellation ".
However , the former Minister of Energy and Mines has indeed the privilege of jurisdiction as stipulated in Article 573 of the Criminal Procedure Code which states that " when a member of the government, a magistrate the Supreme Court, a wali , a president of a court or prosecutor at a court is likely to be charged with a crime or misdemeanor committed in the exercise or the exercise of its functions, the Attorney before the Republic of the case sends the file through official channels to the Attorney General at the Supreme Court who shall designate a member of this Court to proceed to information . "
However, it seems that it is precisely this defect that prompted the Head of State to terminate the appointment of the first President of the Supreme Court , Keddour Berradja . The latter was replaced by Slimane Bouda . First consequence of this decision : the newspaper El Khabar , the Algerian authorities have already asked Interpol to withdraw the international arrest warrant issued against Chakib Khelil . An incipient process of a new series of impunity.
Chakib Khelil à l'aise
Chakib Khelil.

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