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venerdì 29 novembre 2013

The Italian Astaldi group aims to build public hospitals in Algeria

According Algérie,
Under the government program , Algeria should have new hospitals . The Italian construction group Astaldi would already positioned to achieve these University Hospitals .
Astaldi seek to win construction contracts " four university hospitals (CHU) , located in Bechar , Algiers, Oran and Ouargla " Maghreb Confidential reported . The realization of new hospitals is part of the priority projects of the government, and construction could begin as early as January 2014. This is at least what had announced the Ministers of Health , Population and Hospital Reform , Abdelmalek Boudiaf and Housing , Urban Development and the City , Abdelmajid Tebboune early October . They even talked about the achievement of five university hospitals. An emergency in Algeria , including hospitals are overloaded and therefore not always able to receive all patients.

Abdelmalek Boudiaf , had also said that these projects hospitals, would be entrusted to " foreign international companies and accumulating significant experience in the implementation and management of CHU which are different from ordinary hospitals. " Astaldi would be in good position to win these construction contracts. The group has already completed numerous infrastructure in Algeria, particularly in transport , such as railways on Mecheria - Redjem lines or enconre Saida - Moulay Slissen . The group has also built dams in the country. His knowledge of Algeria is certain, but this is the first time qu'Astaldi will address a hospital project .

Other work in progress : the housing ALDA and ENPI . Astaldi take part in the realization of housing lots with other foreign companies. At the moment the group is still negotiating on the part of construction that are assigned. It will work with " public construction companies under the management control of SGP INDJAB " still reveals Maghreb Confidential .
Le groupe italien Astaldi ambitionne de construire des hôpitaux publics en Algérie

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