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domenica 15 dicembre 2013

3G finally available in Algeria

According Algérie,
Mobile third generation (3G) , as expected by the Algerians , is finally available in the country. The Regulatory Authority for Post and Telecommunications (ARPT ) has authorized Mobilis and Djezzy Ooredoo to start marketing this technology. Operators may now proceed to the commercial launch of its 3G service in their respective provinces of deployment in accordance with specifications , " announced Thursday the ARPT on its website .
With 3G, the internet savvy can now surf on their smartphones and tablets with very high speeds by subscribing to one of the operators .

Mobilis Ooredoo (ex- Nedjma ) and Djezzy received on December 3 last official notification of their final 3G licenses by the Executive Order was signed yesterday.

The Chairman of the ARPT , Mohamed Toufik Bessai , had assured that the launch of the 3G market will not exceed mid-December .

The Minister of Post and Information Technology and Communication , Zohra Derdouri qualified the granting of licenses to three operators definitive "historic day long overdue ."

The ARPT had proceeded , on Oct. 14 , the declaration of provisional allottees 3G licenses , namely the three mobile operators operating in Algeria . The call for tenders was launched on August 1, 2013 .

The decision to introduce mobile broadband through the provision of 3G license was taken in July by the government.
The three operators ( Mobilis and Djezzy Ooredoo ) were " ready " for its actual launch in December.
In recent years, the launch of 3G had been repeatedly announced and then postponed.
La 3G enfin disponible en Algérie

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