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giovedì 12 dicembre 2013

On behalf of Madiba ...

I also share my turn this eccellent article of Warda Baziz Chérifi published by my friend

Françoise Michel Chevalier
One of my friends has just published its newspaper page that great text, I just share with you:
On behalf of Madiba .
All nations of the world have an appointment with me today in Johannesburg.
All peoples are united on this day . Black , real , white , blond , Métis , Arabs, Crusaders , Indians, Hindus, redskins, yellow skin , kings and queens , princes, princesses and even lovers and mistresses , liberals, democrats, dictators, socialist , racist , capitalist , indigenous , aboriginal , settlers , the Taliban and sectarian gurus , actors and extras, rich and beggars , thieves and even rapists, criminals and repented, heroes and zeros, the anarchists and the coup , the Harkis and cursed, Putin and Kennedy, the Vatican and wahabistes , Jews and fundamentalist , the stars of show business , even Zahia and gay, sponsors and mercenaries, rich and poor .
There will be too many people, I 'm sure.
Fake , real , big and small, beautiful and ugly, the happy and blessed the poor and the outcasts .
Everyone will be nice, stylish, suit and tie .
Everyone will be subtle , canon, fragrant and vanity.
They came, they are all there. They came to see Madiba .
Some to make him farewell .
Others told him he was very old .
Others knew little .
Others make up the numbers and go home .
Others came for business and looking for the right places .
Still others just wanted to travel a bit.
Finally , everyone came to see this African nation where South Africans are black and white , as in the days of silent movies where Charlot impressed us in his unique genre : black and white.
But Mandela is not quiet , even when starting .
Because I have lived long enough to see the damn world and most importantly, I did not miss seeing these horrors in Central Africa , Syria , Libya , Egypt , Iraq , Afghanistan, Mali, Niger and elsewhere.
I have not missed seeing the famine settle here and there and new Somaliland settle in Europe and even to Uncle Sam!
I have not missed seeing all these phenomena revolt, Arab Spring and Winter Thai and Soviet breathtaking me in front of all these poor kings who made their kingdoms, haunted castles at bay !
I have not missed seeing all these wars of religion which we are killing in the name of God divided they are invented and they defend tarnishing its sacred books.
I have not failed to see that the enemy brothers that you are here , have made a pact with the demon of hatred.
Power, corruption , racism , oppression , fundamentalism , nuclear, child rape , procuring, against nature, incompetence, injustice , crime , disappearances and division, as I have been given before leaving.
And all these unnecessary noise , uneducated, unpatriotic , where protesters is claimed , before the astonished eyes of the children , the men of tomorrow , the right to intermarriage , the client's right to the prostitute , the right to vote, to be a woman driving, working, smell the oil and wash with soap !
And I meditate starting on any protests to claim the right to kill, the right to violate the right to fly, the right to be racist again !
Everyone is here, the time of a funeral oration , the time to put me on earth.
My nation will not offer you dinner, or the home. Even tonight.
Because, you see, there are too many !
Take your journey and know that in the name of peace, I would thank you not .
As you know, the great Mandela has never tolerated that you, tolerate you, taking care of your ears and close your eyes.
Not hear or see these gaps and tsunamis all these cries of anger, those who remind me of my struggle : the poor and the oppressed !
Be nice to go home to do all household awaits you such a burden !
Ouarda Baziz Cherifi ( all rights reserved)
This article is traducted in english by Slimane Melab.

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