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giovedì 19 dicembre 2013

A petition from the campaign to Free Vietnamese blogger Dieu Cay

It really unjust the world still reigns here in the submission and dictatorship. We arrived at a stage of high-level science and technology . Nowadays , the dictatorships of all countries of the world should understand that he preside over the people with the power and the stick, as primitive at that time , the strength of the strongest is always the best. I , I suggest you stop and apply the true laws worthy of all humanity and to respect all the rights of all living beings on earth. Our language has no muscles , moves with ease in our mouth , but it is totally free to express themselves, regardless of the teeth that surround it like sentinels , add the states that impose their ideas oppressive and dictatorial . Be flexible and learn the meaning of tolerance, peace , love and above all freedom of human and animal . I hope that my message hit the most tenacious and tyrants of the world leaders statli but especially the Vietnamese today . A huge thank you for your understanding.
A petition from the campaign to

Free Vietnamese blogger Dieu Cay

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