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lunedì 16 dicembre 2013

He raped and killed his 8 year old daughter: A Saudi preacher sentenced to 8 years in prison

According Algeria,
A Saudi court sentenced yesterday, a preacher at the sentence of 8 years in prison and 800 lashes for rape and murder of her daughter five years, according to the press of the kingdom published on Tuesday .
This is Al- Ghamdi Fayhan should also pay a fine to his ex-wife , the mother of the girl , a financial compensation of one million riyals ( about 200,000 euros) , called " blood money " in Saudi jurisprudence based on a strict interpretation of Sharia , Islamic law.
He was convicted of the rape and murder of his daughter Lama, aged five years , with the help of his second wife , said according to the lawyer , Turki Al -Rashid .
Early Lama was hospitalized with a fractured skull , broken ribs , burn marks and a torn nail , and had spent ten months in hospital before succumbing to his injuries in October 2012.
Stepmother of the girl, who was in the house when the victim suffered abuse, was sentenced to ten months in prison and 150 lashes .
The lawyer said the girl's mother had called at first the death penalty for Ghamdi , then a compensation of ten million riyals ( about two million) before accepting a million riyals . Saudi Arabia, which makes each year to dozens of killings, rape and murder are punishable by the death penalty.
Il a violé et tué sa fille de 8 ans : Un prédicateur saoudien condamné à 8 ans de prison

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