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mercoledì 25 dicembre 2013

Christmas in Algeria's Day celebrated by each other

According Algerie ,
Christmas is attracting more and more Algerians. Year after year , this festival seems to take more and more space within the home , but away from religious considerations. For most , this festival is an opportunity to reunite the family , to please the children.
Thus , this festival seems back in manners especially with its glitter and well stocked side decoration and gifts fir . But opinions are divided. For some this is celebrated far religious and cultural considerations , for others it is only a tradition left by the French as several celebrations elsewhere.
Still, this party is not the priority of the inhabitants of Bab el Oued or those of the suburbs of Algiers as El Harrach or Bachedjerrah , but the posh neighborhoods of the capital like Hydra, Sidi Yahia , Golf . This celebration is still unclear for breakfast Mahdi tells us that there is " magic in the air during the festival and it is a nice opportunity to have gifts ."
But a little later he cites "Allah" , confused and disoriented , he does not know what dire.Le Santa following his merry way in the manners of the Algerian consumer. Fir garlands and artificial snow in recent years have invested large areas of the capital.
Christmas is not therefore the prerogative of Western tourists and expatriates. And citizens have begun in recent years to capture this so-called Christian holiday . Is that they do not see any contradiction with the Muslim religion they practice the majority and it is also, it must be said , a good excuse for a family celebration .
Christmas shopping is a marathon , as well as the new school year and the weight of schoolbags , congestion on the roads holidays , Mother's Day and shopping Ramadhan . " Christmas is as sacred to me as Eid. It is also a new opportunity to make family outings and to meet in a friendly atmosphere , "says a young woman.
Nevertheless, the Christmas tree remains an expensive product for the wealthy class . In poor neighborhoods , they console themselves as they can with the Yule log . Like sheep, families who do not have the means to eat pastries throughout the year, make the occasion of Christmas and New Year .
However, even if this party is an excellent way for traders to increase their profits , they remain skeptical and because their religious beliefs they say "do not want to give in to a tradition that is not theirs ." This lack of enthusiasm of traders is certainly the cause of the shortage of the tree and hence its high cost .
Find Christmas trees, most available in previous years, the trade is now almost impossible.
Noël en Algérie, La fête des uns fêtée par les autres

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