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domenica 15 dicembre 2013

Algeria is the reason why look at the situation in Tunisia? The gas should be the right answer?

According Algérie ,
The interest of Algeria to the situation in Tunisia is as clear as spring water . On his return to France, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika met with the leader of the Ennahda party to power Rached Ghannouchi September 10, 2013 followed by a meeting auras November 15, 2013 .
Meanwhile, the opposition leader Nidaa Tunes, Beji Caid Essebsi met with Algerian President September 11 and LE18 November 2013. The eventual appointment of Mr. Filali as prime minister is another clue because he worked in Algeria as director of the International Labour Organization.

Appellant and repeated explanations media can be summarized and categorized : (1) the leader Algerians are afraid that their country is tainted by what happened in Tunisia and Islamists come to power , and (2 ) the security situation of concern for Tunisia from Algeria and the Algerian leader wants to help Tunisia to overcome their different quickly to avoid sinking into chaos.

Algeria is the reason why look at the situation in Tunisia ? The gas would be the answer ?

In this article, we will try to clarify the situation to try to answer the question:

Why Algeria does not want the situation in Tunisia has been deteriorating for plunging into darkness chaotic ?
The intuitive answer is that we are close and Algeria may be influenced by the situation in Tunisia , then this interest is quite normal. The answer is: when the security situation is lowest in Algeria following the judgment of the elections of 1992 , Tunisia has held the absolute safety from the few attacks on three hotels in the Sahel done by young and up today we do not know for sure who c ' is back.
So there must be other reasons best interest of the Algerian leaders on the situation in Tunisia. Even chatting with colleagues the Algerian situation in our respective countries do not do a convincing explanation and holds the road . A few days earlier , El - Watan ( Algerian newspaper ) , published in its issue of December 6, 2013 an article stating that " Algiers sought to reassure both parties ( and Ghannouchi Essebsi ) to avoid a clash and even asked to do some Ennahdha grants to encourage dialogue . " Other sources state that the battle in question was a coup in Tunisia. Intrigued by the information that I wanted more details and question some databases by association " coup " and " Tunisia " , I came across an old article of a few lines appeared in the edition of 13 October 1999 entitled: Italy and the "coup" in Tunisia. This article reads as follows:
" According to Admiral Fulvio Martini , former head of the Italian secret services ( SISMI) , the government of Bettino Craxi organized the removal of Tunisian President Habib Bourguiba and his replacement by President Ben Ali during a " state constitutional coup d ', November 7, 1987 . in an interview with La Repubblica, Fulvio Martini explained that the testimony of Habib Bourguiba was carried out in agreement with the Algerian authorities , without any involvement of the Americans and against the will of France. "
Baffled by this discovery , I have done extensive research in trying to learn more Admiral Fulvio Martini . I found his picture and I found out that he wrote a book in Italian : Code name , Ulysses : Thirty years of Italian history in memories of Services protagonist of Secrets ISBN: 9788817865050 . As I do not read Italian , this book can be a great help to me . Fortunately, I found another book in English, which belongs to the same author may be just the translation of the other: the Italian military intelligence service . I'm none the wiser as these two books are in paper or " ebook" and in electronic format. I hope these books sleep " secretly " on the shelf of a library somewhere , I ordered through interlibrary loan system . I have not received .
Pourquoi l’Algérie s’intéresse-t-elle à la situation en Tunisie? Le gaz serait-il la réponse?

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