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mercoledì 18 dicembre 2013


According to the newspaper the Expression ,
This folder may have the effect of a tsunami on the oil company already sprinkled with countless corruption scandals .
There are truths that give chills. The following is one: the taxation of the oil completely escapes the Court of Auditors. Yes, in 2013 , Algeria has virtually no control over his chest.
This amazing admission was highlighted yesterday by the Court of Auditors in its report on the implementation of the 2011 budget , which has also found " deficiencies " in the management of services responsible for the collection of taxation of the oil. The situation is alarming when you consider that the amount of oil taxation is huge. Only the first four months of the year , the Department of Finance has estimated the tax for nearly 20 billion dollars!
How is it possible that such a sum beyond the control of the state? What are the mechanisms that control ? The Court of Auditors considers that " the tax administration does not have adequate means . " Only three officers are assigned to the service tax burden of managing and monitoring the oil tax documents.
Also to verify the statements of income Sonatrach and its partners, the institute recommends the widespread use of surveillance systems Gusher count on all perimeters exploitation. "A new electronic system is installed at a pilot site ( Hassi Berkin ) for a ten-year period is nearing completion , pending the enactment of a law on the generalization of such a system ," says the imposition of public financial control .
Sources close to the direction of large companies met yesterday by L'Expression reported that " in reality , there are only two officials of this control. The third cited by the Court of Auditors shall be assigned to tax oil services . "
The same sources added that the situation is more confused in this matter. " The CEO is excluded from control. It is understood that only provides Sonatrach. E ' that it makes its own statement and that of its partners such as Anadarko and others. Actually , it does so within the framework of Law 05 - . Established 07 in the mid- 2000 '
The Court of Auditors has recommended the widespread measurement systems on all oil and gas reserves on the basis of a better control of tax on sales of Sonatrach and its partners . But it is possible that the time of Sonatrach, under the law declare what he wants or what you look good ?
On the other hand , the tax administration does not have a central structure , which is responsible for controlling and monitoring the flow of petroleum products, continues to highlight the Court of Auditors in its report . As far as the Large Business Directorate (DGE ), the Court of Auditors considers that do not fully guarantee its powers , in particular as regards the management of tax documents and tax audits . 2011 looks the same document , the CEO did not, under any circumstances, to adjustments in respect to the determination of revenues from oil companies.
The adjustments for DA 670 million recorded during the year in relation to demonstrate , in their entirety, with VAT on imports or local purchases , he says. In its report on the regulation of the 2011 budget bill , the Court of Auditors reported a buildup of uncollected taxes that grazed 8 trillion dinars at the end of 2011 due to gaps in the recovery procedures. This folder may have the effect of a tsunami on the oil company already sprinkled with countless corruption scandals . The Sonatrach 1 file , Sonatrach 2 have not been filed and this is another tip of the nose already .
Qui contrôle Sonatrach?
Who controls Sonatrach???

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