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venerdì 20 dicembre 2013

Club World Cup, Raja Casablanca-Atletico Mineiro 3-1: serves no purpose the goal by Ronaldinho

In my opinion, FIFA must have had already added the African and Asian teams since a long time. For many years now that the names of teams and countries listed reign on paper and on the field, but nowadays, the names and nationalities of players really matter little and demonstration of the various victories of Africans on those European teams like Algeria 2 -1 on Germany, 3-2 over Chile, Morocco 86 3-1 over Portugal, Zambia 4-0 on Italy and Egypt 88 Seoul-Italy 1-0, 96 Atlanta Olympics, Brazil - Nigeria 3-4 in the semifinals and then in the final 2-1 against Argentina, and Nigeria won the first Olympic gold medal for the African continent. Football has now become like a religion and is practiced all over the planet. Surely when you hear of Brazil is like one who talks about Martians, the beat ... It is not always the case. I think Atletico Mineiro has played with arrogance and moral presumptions of the legendary Brazil and the Raja Casablanca played seriously without fear of losing, even if it lost, there not would be some consequences on the part of Moroccan society and state, contrary to ' Atletico Mineiro. Anyway congratulations to Raja Casablanca who deservedly won and no tricks. A warm welcome to all sports in Italy.
Il gol del vantaggio di Moutouali. Reuters
Il gol del vantaggio di Moutouali. Reuters

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