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venerdì 13 dicembre 2013

Inter Mazzarri warns Thohir: reinforcements or theren't talk of Champions

Slimane Melab
I do not think it's time to talk about the Champion's League ? The squad is very young and it is up to the coach to give them a boost moral and technical and tactical advice in order to achieve the objectives . Sometimes it is good to lose makes us think more and encourages us to improve and prevent healing our shortcomings. Inter's players are very young, Mazzarri has the task of coordinating and join the team technically and tactically on the field. Know each other is very important for everyone. It 's true that it takes time for everything , even if Inter to press more and they want to win right away. The miracles you can not expect this young team and win now as in 2010, you have to invest many millions . I do not think that the tycoon Thohir , just landed in Italy , has intentions to risk right now? His statements are not a matter of fact, sitratta just guesses. In its place ritoccherei the midfield and insist to make play more young spikes, are the future of the team. Zanetti and Milito , now part of the past and I also believe that the time has come to leave the place to the other . A warm welcome to all sports in Italy.
Walter Mazzarri, 52 anni, tecnico dell'Inter. Ap
Walter Mazzarri, 52 anni, tecnico dell'Inter. Ap

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