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giovedì 19 dicembre 2013

Most just reply to my previous comment on THE DAILY newspaper: Il Fatto Quotidiano.
News & social by S. MELAB : Lampedusa , new landing: a dead man in the ring with ... :
Most just reply to my previous comment on THE DAILY newspaper, Il Fatto Quotidiano ,
When was the minister Cecile Kyenge to propose the abolition of the Bossi-Fini law , the news was a sensation and was not well received by the Italians on the one hand , as long as a very important member of the European Commission , Commissioner Malmstrom Cecile taking action to cut grants and aid (30 million) of funds allocated for the management of migratory flows ( illegal immigrants ) arriving almost every day on the Sicilian coast . With this great news , I hope that the people who criticized the state so much that he spoke in Italian to help these unfortunate fugitives , abstains must not say more kind words and compliments attributed to themselves as benevolent and charitable towards those poor adventurers came from ' Africa and Asia. Now the whole world knows that Italy is not to subsidize the activities of the different volunteers and authorities in Lampedusa but only the European Community. "No one does anything for nothing " ; do not think anyone would have moved if it were not for the contributions of the European Union ? Be generous but not at this point . The Italians can now sleep peacefully without worrying about the stranger who did so much to talk about if through all media of Italy and the world.

  1. Cecilia Malmström

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