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domenica 22 dicembre 2013

François Hollande mocks Algeria during a speech at CRIF

Slimane Melab · commentator · Best Freelance - Journalism . in Freelancer
This is not just from the press to ignite and burn a simple and very humorous sentence without any consequence of mockery or injurements on Algeria. However, I believe that the government's plan is clear, to deter citizens of Algeria on the road of hatred against France and on the other side , the government continues to build its business with France as if null is passed ? ? Mr Hollande is a French president who is free to express their culture and not that of the Algerians. Each in his own way of life. Gentlemen propagandists of the state, unfortunately for you , because nobody believes you anymore, it's time to tell you to change and refer you to other directions. You forgot that most of the 2 million unemployed Algerians are supported by France and our dear ( (president) ) Bouteflika was treated in France but not in Saudi Arabia? He loves the Arabic language and Arab or not? ? Please quote me one Arab country developed in medicine ? ? Do not believe the press guided by the state operates and flies the country. The FLN acctuel truly is an issue of after Col. Amirouche . Ben Bella ( son of Moroccans ) was the pupil of France under the rank of Corporal in the French army until 59. It was released on purpose and was chosen by the downright France to become president of Algeria. He had called his fellow Bouteflika , born in Oujda and fought in the army of his majesty Moroccan , arrived in Algeria at the age of 27 , after having procured him a paper that confirmed belonging to a father of origin Tlemcen (Algeria), he became Minister of Ben Bella and Boumedienne successively one who detained him after he discovered his true intentions and his true origins . He left in his side Bouteflika subsidizing him a place in the ministry from outside. Boumediene was eliminated in 78 because he was a true nationalist Algerian who will had worked wonderfully his country. I can assure you that I never loved Boumediene to hatred and indifference he showed to Kabylia and the Kabyle people in general but after land révolution , I noticed changes in all regions of Algeria without no difference , he built farming villages , houses, roads, schools, factories , universities , hospitals .... and most importantly, the state gave scholarships to university students ... Do not forget that Algeria had just obtained its virtual independence in 1962 .. In 13 years of presidency after the war , Boumediene did much more than all the pseudo- presidents successors. In 14 years as president what did he Bouteflika ? ? he has a mythical dream hidden in his locker , to build the largest mosque in the world? ? because he understood that his people is very fanatical and especially blinded by the bluffs of the state. And ? But had you seen him praying and how often ? ? Why Morocco that has not mineral resources such as Algeria , yet has exceeded Algeria ? ? Simply because Bouteflika is an accomplice , he helps his true country wholeheartedly. Algeria must shave everything false power and establish a true up to meet all citizens of Algeria .
François Hollande se moque de l’Algérie lors d’un discours au CRIF

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