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mercoledì 18 dicembre 2013

Lampedusa, new landing: a dead man in the boat with 110 migrants on board

How much evil guys! In my opinion, before you say some nonsense , you should try to understand and above all to know who is Italy , as does the European community, what does the European Monetary Fund , because Italy has no boundaries, which are grants of ' Europe and why these poor people land in continuations only on the coasts Italian and not those of other European countries ? ? There is no smoke without fire and vice versa. As per sources, the majority of the Italian population is aware of the business that is done over there for quite a while and that the authorities intervene only at the last minute, it is a show from gossip to obscure some curious eyes . Believe me that with these ( ( miserable ) ) landings , people have gained many million. Wake up and do not just read the news stories of rooms in the same environment . Shop around first to learn about all over the European continent that is truly varied and full of diversity. The same problem is happening now had happened to the ( boat people ) , Cubans fleeing to seek haven in America and escape the dictatorship of Fidel Castro. A good Christian would speak otherwise . Italy had always been a nation of immigrants, and do not tell me that you were the only good workers ? If there were still living your grandparents , great-grandparents and great-grandparents you would teach a meaning to leave home and go against the heart to try their luck in other destinations unknown. You are happy now , he had sacrificed themselves to give you a good and happy future , what these poor wretches looking just like your grandparents did . It takes common sense and love. Nelson Mandela gave a great lesson to the masters of civilization , teaching good manners , how do you love your enemy . From this part , people have short memories , in addition to Hitler's concentration camps against the poor Jews, also had in mind to exterminate all over the world and leaving only the Aryan race , that is : The Germans ... Luckily , we are all travelers on this great earth.

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