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sabato 28 dicembre 2013

BOUTEFLIKA-DRS-DGNS: Stop the repression against Mozabites Ghardaia - Sign the petition!

 Slimane Melab
I never liked the aggression, repression, injustice, contempt, oppression and domination, I sign this in solidarity to our brothers who are also Mozabites inhabitants of Numidia from very distant date. The neutrality of the security forces is certainly due to a conspiracy of the state that wants to escape the reality of the actual events that occur in Algeria. I think it is a serious mistake to address Mozabites to avert the consequences of acctuels problems are enormous and endless. The Algerian state must necessarily deal with the security Mozabites forcing the state police to do its job seriously and professionally. Mozabites are Algerian citizens.

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