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lunedì 30 dicembre 2013

THE REPUBLIC requested: It 'started the extermination of "Mozabites"?

According to L'Expression ,
Ethnocide ? Genocide ? Sectarian conflict ? Whatever the qualification that we are willing to allocate to many incidents that have occurred in Ghardaia , tragedy , has a name. It is immutable. And ' bad.
They are the "forgotten" of the Republic. They have neither ministers nor walis or ambassadors . The state is insensitive to their situation. A real tragedy is played to a few hundred kilometers from Algiers . In total disregard of public opinion. Government. And its political class. Mozabites topic for some years already , provocations , attacks and attacks on their property that is not central Algiers deign to stop what has now become chronic sectarian tensions between the people of this historical city.
The victims are known . These are Muslim Algerians , whose ancestors adopted the rite Ibadi . They have always lived in harmony with other Muslim rites . Whether or Beriane Ghardaia , the atmosphere is always calm. During the colonial period , the two communities have lived in harmony. Because the fire burns today in this town famous for its tolerance , a sense of solidarity and patriotism ? Even if you could answer retorting : how many men , leaders , scientists have been cleared shelves of history? However, the Ibadi community gave big names in Algeria and its Revolution . Of Moufdi Zakaria qu'Abane Ramdane himself chose to write Kassaman , our national anthem , the two venerable El Sheikh and Bayoud Addoun , not counting the hundreds of leading executives who contributed to the liberation of the country and its reconstruction , Mozabites have been for all of us a pattern of behavior , values, initiatives , management and efficiency. The former president , the late Ahmed Ben Bella , was not deceived in trusting in his first government as Minister of Trade for Mozabite named Mohamed Khobzi . And épatait gallery Dar El Beida by taking the controls of a small plane piper for an aerial display of the first order . Great servant of the state have left the best memories in the institutions that were to lead . Among them were prominent bankers and ambassadors , academics and doctors.
During his first visit to Tunisia at the end of 1957 , the future Colonel Amir , already crowned with glory on the battlefield , was the guest of Mozabites refugees in the capital. Mohamed Seddik , Arabic retired teacher , said: " Amir was impressed by the exceptional hospitality of this community. E ' was a party . For over three hours, sometimes spoke in Arabic, sometimes in Kabylia , sometimes in French an audience of over three hundred notables . Amir wanted to thank them for their support of the Revolution. and especially for the financial assistance , immeasurable , they provided for the purchase of weapons, drugs and equipment . ' greet your sense of discipline and organization . You are an example for all Algerians '' they said . "
Our brothers Mozabites situation is dramatic. For over a decade , they are attacked , insulted , bullied . Their shops were looted . And worse , their families are doomed to be trapped in what remains of this famous Forbidden City looks like a ghetto ! Today, the lack of solution, leaving only the worst possible strategy . The hatred for the other side who want to reduce to a degree of sub- human beings . There were dead and wounded . But the spiral of violence swells every season. The losers they are. It ' also Algeria. Why are the forgotten of a regime that does not look beyond the tip of the nose. They refuse to be lepers of the Republic. Background anxiety, doubts and complaints, life has become a hell Mozabites .
In all these hysterical confusion , as if there was a virtue stubbornness , there must Chaâmbis . Behind all this drama, are the ones who lit the fires of fitna . Among Chaâmbis and Mozabites , we do not think . There is more dialogue . Beat !
The facts are overwhelming. Neither the government nor the political or media elite seized the evil that gnaws Mozabite community . So when they decide to play the thankless role of the Republic marginalized ?
In high places , our ministers , most affected by this tragedy , I finally decided to react to roll up their sleeves to give an end to this violence against a religious minority that has all the rights to ask the State to protect and ensure the safety of people and goods ? There certainly heals the follies of fanaticism.
Sellal , the government must react quickly. And with it the political parties . Otherwise, when we live in a republic is vile . And unscrupulous .
Ahmed Fattani
L'extermination des Mozabites a-t-elle commencé?

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