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domenica 26 gennaio 2014

A man burns his three children and his wife after discovering her infidelity

The author of a house fire in Chéraga in Algiers that killed a mother and her three children, is none other than her husband. He wanted to avenge his unfaithful wife .
Long , the Algerians believed that these stories took place in America or elsewhere in remote regions. But Algiers and Algeria all have also become the scene of various facts worthy of the most sordid nerds . The latest example : the burning of a house, located Chéraga on the heights of the capital, on the night of January 14 , which killed four people including a mother and her three children. Since Thursday , we know the end of this story . And what a sad tragedy !

It is actually not an unfortunate accident but the fire is indeed " criminal origin" , said Thursday the chief commissioner Mourad Allalou at a press conference. According to preliminary investigation, the perpetrator is none other than the husband of the woman who perished in the flames with her three children . Rage against his wife after discovering she believed maintained an extramarital relationship , the man set fire to his house, killing his wife guilty of adultery by her and her three children .

This is the psychological state of the spouse who became suspicious . In tears and distress, man appeared completely shot before cameras private television channels that have made ​​the trip. The alleged perpetrator was finally confounded by several eyewitnesses . First , neighbors who argue that the husband repudiates his wife before their eyes. But especially the sister of the suspect in this case. The latter , who lives one floor above their home , said investigators have recognized the man and seeing him pour gasoline in the hallway of the family home . Thereafter the evidence accumulated against the husband jealous. It has been proven that it has purchased several gallons of gasoline at a gas station , which suggests that the crime was premeditated by the husband . The prosecutor at the Court of Chéraga immediately detained the father .
Un homme brûle ses trois enfants et sa femme après avoir découvert son infidélité

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