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lunedì 20 gennaio 2014

Inter-Juve, Vucinic as Guarin-Buoninsegna-Anastasi? Exchanges unexpected

Slimane Melab,
Al outside of the exchange - Guarin Vucinic , I now think that the relationship between Mazzarri and Inter are in stages of breaking up? After yet another defeat, Mazzarri did not have to always play the same way relying on the old guard Milito Cambiasso . He had to replace them with two young bodies. I wonder what they do and still Belfodil Kovacic on the bench? ? Not that it was too early to judge them ? And especially Belfodil that has been completely forgotten by Mazzarri on the bench. football does not count sympathy or beauty, but only the competence and skill, Belfodil has already demonstrated . Mazzarri has not yet realized that his schemes were disappointing and that was to change forever until it finds the right path that will lead him to success. It ' also true that Inter has several times been a victim of bad refereeing , however, does not mean that we have to wait forever to find a scapegoat to use it as a shield to defend against the allegations of the company and the fans? In this INTER lacks a true game with which we can make a difference on the field. We have to rely on the prayers of a saint in every time when we descend in the field. I am very disappointed but I did not give up and I'm forced to follow my favorite team and always tifarla . A warm welcome to all sports in Italy and around the world !...

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