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sabato 25 gennaio 2014

Inter Icard: "Batigol, sea, houses, suv, grilled meat: my loves. Social? A drug"

Slimane MELAB
I think Wanda is most famous than Mauro Icard, reminds me Bekham and his wife Victoria Adams of the Space Girls, the latter, however, has proven to be a great player. Until now if only hear about his private life and nothing else. I, as a supporter of what I say? Icardi? I don't know really who is on the field and until now has only been advertised in a way that is not appropriate to hes characteristics. I also had an idol, called Ronaldo the phenomenon, but I do not play football. My poor beloved team that has no luck in the transfer market. Just teasing people honest! Inter doesn't look for playboys but plays Foot-ball, and Icardi was not one of those who were supposed to arrive at Inter. A warm welcome to all athletes of Italy and the world.
Mauro Icardi, 20 anni, con Wanda Nara. LaPresse
Mauro Icardi, 20 anni, con Wanda Nara. LaPresse

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