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martedì 28 gennaio 2014

The global leader of the latest campaign of the head of state evokes the pressure of lobbies dirty money and says, "Bouteflika has decided not to

According  Algérie,
"The president has decided not to run for a fourth term . " It ' was the information peak yesterday at 03:32 balanced by the electronic journal Algeria , citing a statement signed by Abdelghani Touhami , guest patriotic campaign of General Abdelaziz Bouteflika in previous elections. And throughout the day , no denial was issued on this subject, even the " APS " has remained silent on this issue.
According to the electronic journal , the national coordinator of the support committees would have felt compelled to break the silence to denounce essentially the pressures of the current President of the Republic, especially by Amar Saidani that evoke an " impostor political impudence to (...) , which has been lobbying with the support of the lobby of dirty money , some political parties and personalities , the Head of State to make it stand . " Mr. Touhami states that Saidani and his supporters are (yet) fully aware of the decision of the Head of State not to seek another term. "

He says in the statement that is the basis algeriepatriotique . com that "the decision to Bouteflika was taken well before his illness , " noting that the Head of State informed him , as well as members of the committee support , willingness to "adopt a neutral position trying to ensure the organization transparent and democratic elections , to rehabilitate the voice of the people and pave the way for the construction of the Second Republic in putting an end to the revolutionary legitimacy " .

In his explanation , Abdelghani Touhami argues that " President Bouteflika has also pledged to appoint men in positions of trust who considered the Justice Ministers of the Interior and head of the Constitutional Council , respectively , Tayeb Tayeb Louh Belaïz and Mourad Medelci , in view the upcoming elections and a new era for Algeria. "

Reading the newspaper is that " Amar Saidani and occult lobbies that support desperately to protect their interests and do everything possible to push the President to the fourth term , suggesting that its withdrawal would be a great danger to the country and considering that the main parties that support can rupture, causing great political anarchy that would result ' loss of control over the management of the affairs of the state. ' "

"It is these insidious threats and unworthy methods that pose a risk to the stability and security of the country" would indicate Abdelghani Touhami , according to the electronic journal . It should be noted here that the day before the famous " Group of Twenty ", composed by political parties and national political figures , including economist and former Prime Minister Ahmed Benbitour who resigned from his position to do not approve of the methods of occult Government has reiterated its demand for a number of conditions for a " free and open election ."

It ' was during a meeting Sunday and during which was discussed the situation in the country and the political climate in which it prepares for presidential elections in April 2014. Dr. Ahmed Benbitour rightly pointed out that in the present state of things, there is no guarantee of " free elections , open and transparent . " This political bloc recalled the occasion called for a number of safeguards , including the organization of elections part of an independent government , a request which was categorically refused by the Minister of Interior. The group, which denounces as a "disdain " for the power against his proposals , he finally made ​​an appointment for next week .

Composed of movement Ennahda , El - El Fedjr - Jadid , the Movement of Society for Peace ( MSP) , Jil Jadid , the Justice Party and other political parties and many posters , so the group will decide when this meeting of his participation or not the presidential election. And if the information provided by the national coordinator of committees supporting Abdelaziz Bouteflika , there is no reason to expect a serious turning point in the political field.
L’animateur général de la dernière campagne du chef de l’etat évoque des pressions de lobbies de l’argent sale et déclare: «Bouteflika a décidé de ne pas se représenter»
The old president Bouteflika.

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