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martedì 28 gennaio 2014

The eternal Bouteflika!!!

Not only in Algeria but in the whole of Africa has always been so , people manifest joy and cheer to support the president for fear is only for fear of reprisals in the state. There still exists the abuse of power and office until now , the majority of Africans and ignores his right even if he knows it ignores the same. The silence is considered gold to survive oppression and dictatorships imposed by African states. As for Algeria , the people if ( ( fond ) ) easily to any president. In order to make people forget the real problems of the country and to disorient people's eyes to other destinations such as financial allocations to most entrepreneurs and large companies , loans and mortgages that led to the great popularity and increased weight the current president Bouteflika . He had waited for this moment of change of the presidential guard to launch with these advertising methods , opening on all markets and supporting them financially. It 's normal that when people receive state aid , whether automatically transforms and forget for a period of days and the dark years lived in total misery. Right now it is difficult to try to change the minds of these poor deluded won state as it prepares to replace it with another chairman pro - Bouteflika of Algeria Oujda . The vote in Algeria is all a bluff , it really is just a fraud against the Algerians who feel deprived by the pope Bouteflika that basically has not built that great in the land of infinite riches . The UN , the OAU , UNESCO etc ... All these organizations are aware of everything that happens in the whole of Africa and who closely follow all the happenings of the past, the present and the future.
L’animateur général de la dernière campagne du chef de l’etat évoque des pressions de lobbies de l’argent sale et déclare: «Bouteflika a décidé de ne pas se représenter»
The eternal Bouteflika!!!

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