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martedì 14 gennaio 2014

Golden ball, Ribery: 'It was not my goal. "But France cries of scandal

Slimane MELAB
If there was a fashion show would win without a doubt CR7. However, the award of the prize is as clear as the crystal clear water, you should win something at international level. Ribery last year, ie, 2013, he won everything with Bayern Monaco and especially the Champion's League in which he was considered the best player along with his colleague with whom Robben had to share this prestigious award. Who scored in the finals of international competitions such as Paolo Rossi in the World Cup final in 1982 in Spain, Zidane (2 times, in the final of the Champion's with Real and in the world in 1998 in France), Ronaldo the phenomenon in world final 2002 Japan-Korea South ... In short, CR7 last year, 2013, did not win anything at the international level and even the title. When he had to win the Golden Ball two years ago, the jury chose the Messi-mania, and now I give back to the detriment of the poor Ribery? But, is not that this jury has mistaken the trophy for a fashion show?? Each case is a great injustice and shame for breeders. Many players who deserved it in the past as Rijkaard, F. Baresi, Pirlo, Ibrahimovic wins everywhere and had a very well-deserved award, ditto for Savicevic, Stoitchkov, Hagi, Elkjaer (Scudetto with the Verona 1985). Paulo Futre 1987 Porto, who won all) ... There were already in the past and they won only the most beautiful?? The jury also specializes in fashion, and above all to win should be the "playboys" to launch the various companies' products still on the market. However, even CR7, knows very well that he deserved RIBERY.  cordial greeting to all athletes of Italy and the world.

Frank Ribery.

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