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martedì 21 gennaio 2014

An armed attack against a site of ENAGEO aborted near Illizi

According Algérie,
An armed attack against a site for the national geophysical (ENAGEO) located between Amenas and Illizi, near the Libyan border, was aborted on Monday morning, learned Algeria1 local security sources said.
The assailants unknown number and allegedly linked to organized crime networks were repelled by elements responsible for securing the site.
According to the same source, the authors of this attack reportedly captured 4 × 4 vehicles and trucks as well as on-board equipment before evaporating in the desert. No human loss is regrettable fortunately.
It should be noted that ENAGEO is a subsidiary of oil company Sonatrach, specializing in research of hydrocarbons (oil and gas).
Une attaque armée contre un chantier de l’ENAGEO avortée près d’Illizi

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