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venerdì 24 gennaio 2014

The Algeria denies refusing Syrian nationals

According Algérie,

Reacting to the information reported by a Moroccan electronic site claiming that Algeria had repressed Syrian nationals living in its territory , the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Amar Belani said Thursday , "I categorically deny this false information and I insisted that we should give any credit to malicious allegations discharged , daily, these pseudo electronic magazines from a neighboring country who specialize in the smelly lapping anti- Algerian media swamp . "
"Algeria does not deliver Syrian nationals who are on the ground because, as further highlighted recently by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramtane Lamamra , they were welcomed in a spontaneous outpouring of solidarity and brotherhood in Algeria that we wish them a pleasant stay in dignity among us and return promptly to their country as soon as security conditions are met , "said the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ( file photo)
L’Algérie dément avoir refoulé des ressortissants syriens

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