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giovedì 23 gennaio 2014

Italian Cup, AC Milan-Udinese 1-2, goals from Balotelli, Muriel's penalty and Nico Lopez

Slimane MELAB
First of all congratulations to Udinese and especially Francesco Guidolin What I respect so much. He deserves a great team -level Inter - Milan-Juventus .. In every place , in every situation in the world we want to self-criticism. I believe that the time has come to say enough with the compliments and to continue to blame the coaches . In my previous comment I was clearly told not to shout victory with a team of series C. Now it becomes clear that if it was not for the responsibilities of those coaches but the players. I saw a disappointing game on the technical , tactical and athletic . The Milan players were not able to finish . I saw a Kaka still in progress , moving all over the center field and came back in defense . Honda , had to enter the game from the beginning to get used to the new team and familiarize yourself more with their new friends . As for the large ( in stature ) Mario Balotelli was the ( ( ROMARIO ) ) , unlike the famous Brazilian striker was really dangerous , it was able to score in a square meter (J. Cruijf ) and rarely wrong . I saw a policeman who just moved back, always waiting for the dish served . In my opinion to run Balotelli , the press, peers and the rest of the advertising world should stop inflating too . Now there SEEDORF on the bench, almost a neighbor , did not make a good game to encourage the new coach , let alone for himself? Aside from the goal eventually born . A striker who does not score often , rather rarely, and especially on the penalty spot , I would call it a " CENTER BACK ." Fell into continuations and there could never jump the man . If it continues like this, we are going well at the World Championships in Brazil. Milan is like Inter , has many shortcomings in attack and defense , is technically inferior to the great Milan we knew. I would love to pray the fans not to throw mud on the new coach , as I have previously defended Allegri . Unfortunately your current team is not right. A warm welcome to all athletes of Italy and the world.
Nico Lopez, autore del gol partita. Ap

Nico Lopez, autore del gol partita. Ap

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