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mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

Answer to Marie Le Pen!

Slimane MELAB,
Thanks to the exploitation of bad popularity of her father, the founder of the French far-right party, Marine Le Pen has managed to bring together citizens of the weak and defenseless mind the low political category. Her themes always turn to the same point of departure of her father, immigration, against the mixing desks, large conservative, the desire to get out of the Euro ... In short, arguments that do not carry a positive response to the nation that had developed due to foreign labor. France colonized Africa and the middle is still on different aspects and particularly economic and historical. The Marine Le Pen, who ignores the basis of the French economy comes from the ((ex)) and colonies until now. What will Marine Le Pen without Africa and other former colonized nations? What recourses of the country would have the strength to conquer the big world markets?? Many people do not realize that without these poor souls blacks and especially thanks to the north Africa that France continues its economic growth in various sectors. The world should definitely go ahead without the conservatives and limited in their corner for fear of discovering the beauty of other places in the world, used as a scape-atoning nationalism, homeland, blood skin, culture or even religion. The globe is one and only differentiated by the nature and the universe. The world is matched to the time and every time is different. Marine Le Pen believes that she can resurrect the writers of Louis XIV, ie: Corneil-Racine-Boileau-La-Fontaine Molière. Personally I do not think that she is originally French??
Marine Le Pen
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