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giovedì 16 gennaio 2014

Bouteflika back to the hospital of Val-de-Grâce, hides it the truth????

According Algérie,
Bouteflika relapse and return to Val -de -Grâce . The head of state Abdelaziz Bouteflika , was evacuated last Monday at the Val -de -Grâce military hospital in Paris for a "routine check " , said the President of the Republic in a statement echoed by APS.
Evacuation comes at a sensitive moment in the political life of the country , since the head of state should convene the electorate before next Friday, as provided in the Constitution . It accentuates further doubt on an already uncertain presidential election. Hospitalization President will have some impact on the course of events and the political calendar risk likely to be messed up .

President of the Republic took care , presumably to "reassure" the public, to clarify that the transfer Bouteflika to Paris was made in order to " complete the health check , initiated in Algiers, and in the part of a routine medical examination , arrested and scheduled for June 2013.

The President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika stays Hospital Valde -Grâce since Monday, January 13, 2014 and until Friday, January 17, 2014 . " But in what condition he return? El Mouradia stated that the President's health is improving " surely " and " progressive way." According always the Presidency, "the transfer of Abdelaziz Bouteflika was planned and arrested since his stay in the national institution ( French ) des Invalides in Paris " and that "no urgency procedure is dictated this move !"

Presidency she told the whole truth ? Sources claim that the head of state was transferred to Val -de -Grâce in "emergency Sunday and not Monday and he left the country in a state of deteriorating health ." Bouteflika, who is in a long period of convalescence, since his admission to the National Institution des Invalides , May 21, 2013 , before returning to the country on 17 July of the same year , appeared extremely weak when signing the Finance Act 2014 on 30 December . Some sources even ensured he could not recognize members of his government.

Visibly and after eight months of convalescence, his condition is still unclear . Multiple statements from senior government officials, ensuring that "the President is doing well and he regained his form," they worry more reassuring . It is likely that the approach of the presidential election hovering over a total uncertainty has weighed in worsening health of the President.

Pressed by his immediate surroundings to seek a fourth term when he no longer function normally assured for eight months , Abdelaziz Bouteflika may not be able to withstand the pressure , which has increased since his " nemesis " Ali Benflis proved more determined to get into the presidential race . " Skip the keys of the palace of El Mouradia his worst enemy would be unbearable or unacceptable Bouteflika " , told us a very old minister made ​​the corridors of power . " The possibility of an early withdrawal before the hour is not to be excluded ," he said again.

If the second hospitalization head of state confirms a real deterioration of his health , the question of its ability to remain still in power until April next - date of the presidential election - is seriously asked. Will he give up? I must say that since his admission to Valde -Grâce following a cerebrovascular accident (CVA ) , April 27, 2013 , Bouteflika is not actually governed . It is moved to the presidential palace only twice , in September and December 2013 for the signature of the Finance Act 2014.

Many politicians have not ceased to invoke the state of impediment referring to Article 88 of the Constitution which states: " When the President of the Republic , due to serious and lasting illness, is completely unable to perform his duties , the Constitutional Council shall meet as of right , and after confirming the reality of the impediment by all appropriate means , moved, unanimously in Parliament to declare a state of incapacity . " No doubt the President has plunged disease state in an unprecedented paralysis and it poses to the country on the eve of the presidential election , political uncertainty . Total confusion dominates the sky of the "Republic ."

Curiously , yesterday morning, before the announcement of the removal of the Head of State in Paris, a long despatch balanced by the government agency (APS ) ensuring that the President " shall, except in cases of force majeure to the convening of the electorate for the presidential election in 2014 between January 16 and 17 being in accordance with the deadline set by the electoral code , and that the organic law of 12 January 2012 on the electoral system stipulates in its Article 133, that without prejudice to the provisions of Article 88 of the Constitution , the electorate is convened by presidential decree , ninety days before the election date (...) . " !

This " except in cases of force majeure " allows all possible readings and especially wild speculation , while in Algiers is the signal for battle. According to reliable sources , the High Command of the Army held an emergency meeting on Monday in the presence of six leaders of the military regions . A crisis meeting required by the removal of the President in France " consider all scenarios of crisis" , according to our sources.
Bouteflika de nouveau à l’hôpital du Val-de-Grâce, Cache-t-on la vérité ?
The president A. Bouteflika.

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