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venerdì 24 gennaio 2014

Vucinic-Guarin. Marotta: "Inter was not serious. Exchange is not anymore"

Slimane MELAB
First of all, I do not think that is a solution to ask the rival league of exchange forwards Vucinic with Guarin ? In my opinion, the advantage always goes on the opposite side , and so far the exchanges have never taken advantage of it to the company and even less to the players. Why now Nerazzurra must necessarily seek reinforcements due or inactive ? ? The world is full of players. There was just no need to rush reinforcements to the field but rather within the technical staff and the company. Before entering into a new home , you should clean it thoroughly and decorate it. Inter Milan Moratti Mourinho won everything because it was the great helmsman who decided on all transactions . As for Mazzarri , the good players lets you to warm the bench and enters those now squeezed by Mourinho , who no longer have the stimuli. The problems of Inter are already within the company just before you get on the field. Thohir has just arrived , all lost in a different world of his own, surrounded by many councilors , too many in fact . If I were him , I would change all the technical staff and 'd bet on young people to form a new team of new talents with another winning mentality and with another style . Inter Milan is like today , does not have a leader that players can change, invent imaginative play . As for Seedorf is running , the company should give him confidence to strengthen the team. Guarin need a real director who will give many balls to score and not to be sold to Juve or to another team . Bring Inter Vucinic is not and never will be an advantage , given its current condition , it will take some time to fit in the group. It was better mattere in the various field , Icard , Kovacic , and Belfodil Taider ? ? The solution is we stto the nose, however we always try elsewhere ? ? A warm welcome to all athletes of Italy and the world !
L'a.d. della Juve, Beppe Marotta. LaPresse
L'a.d. della Juve, Beppe Marotta. LaPresse

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