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venerdì 12 dicembre 2014

11 / December was the anniversary of the master of the masters of the love song, Enrico Macias ..

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Enrico Macias, face full of tenderness, kindness, sympathy, love and peace.

Happy, happy birthday to the master of the masters of music Andalous- Jewish. Eastern, Berber, French, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.
Indeed, Enrico Macias, artist, singer, songwriter, founder of a musical style, a unique melody of his kind words and sharp adventures that have marked the short years, a great love of humanity, full of tenderness, affection , a unique unselfishness, full of peace. A man who had begun to sing the love and peace to end in the same field.
Enrico Macias has not only sold his records, but also the life, of hope, of peace, of fun, of sadness, nostalgia for the past of all those who have suffered wrongs, refugees, orphans, the stateless, isolates , the repressed, the outcasts, of all the sad people who have suffered childhood, anti-discrimination, open to all peoples of the world. An activist of humanity and human rights. Finally, I dedicate a song that had touched all races and the hearts of all the earth:

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