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martedì 16 dicembre 2014

Oil prices fall: The stock markets of the Gulf have lost $ 42 billion in a single day

HuffPost Algeria
Published: 12/15/2014 05:30 CET Updated: 15/12/2014 17:31 CET


$ 42 billion (USD). This is the amount lost in one day eight scholarships Gulf after the worst collapse in oil prices over the past five years.

Scholarships Saudis and those of Qatar recorded the heaviest losses, respectively estimated at 15.4 and $ 10.3 billion, reported Sunday, December 14 the news site pan-Arab Rai Alyoum.

A paradoxical situation that no deficiencies especially emphasize the same website for information. Saudi Arabia, accused by other OPEC countries about his opposition to the decline of the black gold, has experienced the greatest losses in 24 hours.

The price of oil had reached the lowest since 2008, to about $ 55, after exceeding $ 110 earlier this year. The slide is likely to increase in 2015.

The decision of Saudi Arabia, at the last meeting of the member countries of OPEC late November in Vienna, Austria, is of a "political, not economic, not related to operating costs and competition" .finestra dropdown A thesis advanced by Arab experts Rai Alyoum, citing the partnership between the Kingdom to the United States in the oil sector.

The main billion other Gulf stock exchanges yesterday lost dollars that are in Dubai, which dipped 7.8%, or that of Kuwait (2%).

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