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giovedì 25 dicembre 2014

Shepherd, he became head of Daesh in Algeria, who is really Gouri Abdelmalek?

According to " Algeria"
The terrorist leader Abdelmalek Gouri eliminated Monday night by the elements of the Army National People's Congress (NPC) during an operation in the city center of Issers (20 km east of Boumerdes) was the head of the new terrorist organization al-djund Khilafa proclamation of Islamic State (EI).
He led a splinter group of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), who was also at the origin of the terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 12 soldiers on the heights of Iboudrarène (45 miles south-east of Tizi Ouzou wilaya) the day after the last presidential election.

Then last September, was behind the kidnapping and beheading of the French climber Hervé Gourdel in the mountains of Tikjda.

Gouri Abdelmalek, was born in 1977 in the village in the town of Si Mustapha Boudhar (Boumerdes), had joined the armed terrorist groups in 2000 after being part of a support network.

Shepherd moved the status of the right arm of the emir of AQIM Abdelmalek Droukdel. Born into a peasant family which is the largest, Khaled Abou Selman has been remodeled since the school system had left the classroom in its 9th year to become a pastor.

E 'was sentenced in 1997 to five years in prison for supporting terrorism the cause for which they took him away while herding sheep near his village. On his release in 1999, after being pardoned, he changed jobs to become the poultry seller no time since he had joined the armed terrorist groups in 2000, at the age of 23 years.

He was among the first young people of his country to join the terrorists before scrub followed by more than two dozen others, including his faithful friends, brothers Khelifi Youcef and Mohamed. He also had a brother among his followers before being stopped by the security services.

Thanks to the support of the youth of his country in 2005 Droukdel was appointed chief at the head of Al-Arkam phalanx activation south and west of the province of Boumerdes. A phalanx that was behind almost all terrorist attacks, including suicide bombings have targeted security operations buildings between 2007 and 2011, in addition to the assassinations against members of the security forces, including the ex-patriots and GLD .

His spot name, Abu Selman appears in almost all the judgments of dismissal cases handled by the criminal court of terrorism Boumerdes. Justice was also sentenced in absentia to death many times.

For disposal in an operation carefully prepared by ANP forces based on information in relation to his movements danced his native region, it is a blow that was dealt to armed terrorist groups that still operate in the bush.

E 'was hit near the high school of the National Gendarmerie of Issers, one of the targets of suicide attacks its August 19, 2008, killing 43 people and wounded 38.
De berger, il devient chef de Daech en Algérie, qui est Gouri Abdelmalek?

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