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domenica 7 dicembre 2014

Jews expelled in 1948, Israel has a complaint against Algeria

According to "Reflexion"
Is commemorated in Israel this week the exodus of thousands of Jews who were forced to leave Arab countries in 1948. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused 'brutally' 'Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, which were under foreign occupation, some of which have deported 850,000 Jews lived in these countries and said it will file a complaint against them to seek financial remedies.
Jews expelled EN 1948: Israel wants to file a complaint against Algeria
Again the first criminal Hebrew State Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to divert international opinion about its crimes in Gaza by bringing to the forefront the issue of Jews expelled in 1948 to allow Israel to have a new card in hand if the International Criminal Court (ICC) continues the Israeli government for war crimes against innocent citizens of Gaza. This would allow them to also have a strong argument against if Palestinians submit claims for property they left behind in the same year. Indeed, Netanyahu again clear the record of the Jews came to Israel in 1948 and announced its intention to file a complaint against Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt to seek financial remedies. "The Arab countries, who have never accepted the UN Declaration on the creation of a Jewish state, and forced the Jews living in their territory from their homes, leaving their goods locally," justified the first Israeli minister. It's objective is to recover the property and wealth of "some 850,000 Jews living in these countries, who had driven in 1948, to reach the state of Israel, while the newly created" According to him, many Jews suffered reprisals, killings and political violence.
The Algeria was not independent in 1948
Benjamin Netanyahu who insists to continue Algeria before international institutions for crimes against the Jews who left the country in 1948, it is still under the shock of the French recognition of the Palestinian state, or he did not know that in 1948, Algeria was not independent because it was colonized by France since 1830, and that the Jews living in Algeria have left on their own country, then he should file a complaint against France. Netanyahu and takes some liberties with history, pretending to forget for example that very many Tunisian Jews have returned voluntarily Israel, like many others from other North African and Arab countries, responding to a call for settlement of the State of Israel which had just been created. The head of the Israeli government used the occasion of the commemoration of the "great exodus of the Jews" to take this speech. Comments that are part of the same movement that advocates radicalization of the proclamation of Israel "Jewish state" and the acceleration of settlement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Benjamin Netanyahu is a formidable enemy of peace as hoped for by the Palestinian and Israeli peoples. For now, Israel is still trying to collect all the letters and complaints could be filed internationally.
JUIFS EXPULSES EN 1948 : Israël veut porter plainte contre l’Algérie

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