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venerdì 5 dicembre 2014

Emirs torture Phoenicians

According to " Algeria"
Images revolting, barbaric, and unworthy words are weak to describe this behavior emirs of the Gulf from poaching in our Sahara. Not only are fun to hunt bustard and gazelle, officially protected species, but also engage in practices of another age.
In fact, these rich poachers have shown through the video all the cruelty that characterizes torture of a poor phoenix. mercilessly, these executioners threw themselves on the animal shouting insults against him.
However, Algerian law protects 23 species, in particular the phoenix, the bustard, gazelle, sheep. The bustard is protected by international conventions, in Algeria in August 1983 by a decree strengthened by an order of January 1995.
A new 2006 law classifies species according to their risk of extinction and includes a list of 23 species, 13 mammals, birds, reptiles seven three. This ranking was given the "growing threat of extinction of wild animals in Algeria." This text provides for "severe sanctions against hunting, capture, transport and trade of these species," but exceptionally allows the capture of some of them for scientific purposes, to facilitate reproduction or build zoological parks
Des émirs torturent les fennecs

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