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venerdì 12 dicembre 2014

World Cup 2014 clubs ES Setif for another feat

According to " Algeria"
A few months after the World Cup-2014, held last summer in Brazil, football fans have their eye to Morocco, home of the 10 to 20 December the Club World Cup with the participation of the champions of the six continental confederations, whose ES Setif, Algeria's first team to compete in this competition, in addition to the representative of the host country, MA Tetouan.
The opening match will oppose Wednesday Moroccans face Auckland City (New Zealand) from 20.30 (Algerian time) at the Moulay Abdellah stadium in Rabat dam tower to the quarterfinals.

Obviously, everyone in Morocco will be behind the defending champion of the host countries that attempt to reproduce the scenario Raja Casablanca finalist in the previous 2013 edition also played in Morocco.

But in view of the golf team Tetouane in the league this season, it will be difficult to achieve such a feat, observers say. The team arrives to the test by a lack of confidence after collecting modest results locally.

The Algerian representative, meanwhile, will be his baptism of fire in this meeting next Saturday against the winner of this game. The Sétif, which caused a sensation in African Champions League by winning the trophy when nobody gave much of their skin, are determined to prolong the joy of their fans and that of all the Algerian people.


But for the young coach of the Agreement, Kheireddine Madoui, the objective in this "Mundialito" will reach the stage of semi-finals, a goal within reach of his players, however, will be deprived of the services of their central defender Abdelghani Demmou unlucky contracting injury a week before the team's departure for Morocco.

In Rabat and throughout the kingdom, everyone is waiting for the debut in the competition of Real Madrid, the European champion, who after ten years of waiting, managed to fall from rocks Champions League summer dernier.Naturellement, Madrileños come to this event in the power favorite skin to succeed at Bayern Munich, and add a trophy to their name they have never won before.

To scholars, teammates Cristiano Ronaldo will face competition from Argentina's CA San Lorenzo in particular. South American champions will try this opportunity to put an end to European supremacy in this competition.
Risultati immagini per Squadra ES. Setif  immagini

ES SETIF Foot-ball team.

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