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domenica 21 dicembre 2014

His group has been neutralized by the security services, a woman at the head of Daesh in Guelma

According to " Algérie",
No room for Daesh in Algeria
30 years old, she dirigait this network of 12 terrorists most of whom are academics. The security forces have managed to end the subversive activities of this group in record time.

The investigations launched by the security services in recent weeks in Guelma, helped uncover the network of a dozen items, almost all academics. At the head of this group, a woman aged 30, living in the town of El Darean in El Tarf. It is through the use of social networks on the Internet, used by this cell, as security forces arrived to identify the component of this sector. Eight were remanded in custody, including a 60 year old man, while the other four are under judicial supervision, by order of magistrate, very late in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday.

The respondents were planning to join the hydra sprawling Daesh, specify informed sources. The security services were able to determine that the network consisting of young people living in the communities of Houari Boumediene and Beni Mezline in Guelma but El Tarf and Constantine had close contacts with activists of the nebula located in Syria . They were arrested in their homes after a judicial authorization to extend skills.

In their response, the security services seized computers, a large amount of money same currency and subversive literature calling for the terrorist jihad designate as inside and outside the country. During the same operation, prohibited weapons and mobile phones were also seized object. These new arrests come just weeks after those carried out in Boumerdes in a similar procedure, indicting four students working also acted for the transnational terrorist organization.

The facts do not doubt, concur with the installation of a training camp in favor of new recruits, based in Derna in Libya, but also when Daesh has made threats against Tunisia. In a video, militias of this terrorist movement, calling for a boycott of the second round of the presidential election urging Tunisians to join their mad cause. For them, Tunisia is now a country at war. In this whirlwind, the forces of the National People's Army continue their struggle against this phenomenon, considering that Daesh is only a new name of Al Qaeda. Two members of this organization were shot, who were directly involved in the murder of a French national, while two others were eliminated in the maquis of Jijel, where ANP continues its search operation, triggered in parallel to the maquis wilaya of the Centre. For sources give very imbued with the current, the epicenter of the threat can not be located in Libya. All risk or danger to the security of the country can only come from this country into a home for all terrorist networks and hence also Daesh account embark towards the conquest of the Sahel. We are currently witnessing a rise of terrorism worldwide; Pakistan, Yemen and Nigeria experiencing the most spectacular attacks in a context where one seeks to reshape the geopolitical map of the Arab world by creating violence where the question of "who-who-kills" should really be asked, especially in Libya and
Son groupe a été neutralisé par les services de sécurité, Une femme à la tête de Daesh à Guelma

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