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sabato 6 dicembre 2014

Algeria-France: the next revision of an agreement on the facilitation of movement of people

Algeria and France have agreed, at the end of the 2nd session of the Intergovernmental Committee senior (CIHN) held in Paris on Thursday to discuss an agreement on facilitating the movement of people between the two countries.
Both parties have agreed to consider an agreement facilitating the movement of people between the two countries, "is it mentioned in the joint statement issued at the end of the 2nd session of CIHN.
The two countries are, in this sense welcomed the "progress" observed with respect to the practical conditions of mobility and residence "of Algerians in France and the French in Algeria, and agreed to deploy their efforts to" improve more. "They are committed to further intensify dialogue in the field "in order to provide specific solutions to the practical difficulties still faced by their citizens."
Regarding bilateral enforcement agreements, mutual assistance and extradition of court, both sides welcomed the "significant progress" made in previous trading sessions. The two sides agreed to meet at the beginning of 2015 in Paris to discuss the latest outstanding issues.
Moreover, Algeria and France stressed the need to continue the annual meetings of the expert group on the illicit transfer of children of mixed couples and the exercise of border rights, and confirmed the holding, in January 2015, the next meeting of the Joint working Group. (Aps)

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