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sabato 6 dicembre 2014

Algeria-France: the next revision of an agreement on the facilitation of movement of people

By Slimane Melab
So many people are deluded into believing with this news but basically everything has its price. I do not think that there is a love born fulminant between the two countries ??? To me everything is resolved with an interest in a single affordable price to all the countries. In any case, it would be really nice if the two countries came to a more transparent and clear that affects especially the Algerian immigrants in France but also the French in Algeria, is an opportunity to both unprecedented and would become a historical event and the first absolute world ??? This illustrious initiative would erase all the evils that have contributed to growing hatred and discrimination between the two countries that you attend for nearly two centuries. France today is obviously another country completely different from that of 200 years ago, but also Algeria today counts 70% of the population below 30 years, in fact, this generation has never known will the war it more apart from the decade of terror that engulfed Algeria from 1992 to 2000. at today's people only care about their jobs and the good life, as happens in other European countries. I repeat that this initiative will represent from now a historic landmark that would bring the two weights at the top of the highest in the entire history of the African continent, which would give the fruits of a development more solid and concentrated on the progress so happen proportional to success in all sectors. France for its part provides the technology and the industry, Algeria reciprocates with the material and mineral resources.
We believe blindly in this first and major step that would change the positions of the two countries in the best ways..

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