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martedì 10 dicembre 2013

Chakib Khelil case and investigation of French judge Trévidic The sensitive subjects Tayeb Louh

According Algeria ,
The Minister of Justice refused yesterday to comment on the case Chakib Khelil . Tayeb Louh, interviewed on the sidelines of a plenary session of the Senate , confirmed to hint the authorization granted to French anti-terrorism judge Marc Trévidic to investigate in Algeria .
The Minister of Justice refuses to address sensitive issues. Impossible yesterday on the sidelines of a plenary session devoted to oral questions, get clear answers about the existence of cooperation between the Algerian and American justices in the treatment of Chakib Khelil folder. The information was announced yesterday by the Ambassador of the United States of America.

He also refused to comment on any "revision" of the warrant procedure of international filing lodged with Interpol. As a reaction , journalists were treated to a "course" on the separation of powers and the rule of law ...

Another sensitive issue : the survey by Marc Trévidic Algeria , the French judge handling the case of the assassination of the monks of Tibhirine . The Minister has just confirmed the authorization granted to anti-terrorism judge . "This is part of an international cooperation.

This includes specialized courts , "said Tayeb Louh . But he refused again to say whether the magistrate Marc Trévidic had obtained permission to exhume and autopsy the heads of seven Trappist monks and meet witnesses .

Several media outlets , including French , had announced a first visit to Algiers judge at the end of November and a second visit scheduled for January 2014. Information that, until now, had not been confirmed by Algerian officials .
Affaire Chakib Khelil et enquête du juge français Trévidic Les sujets qui fâchent Tayeb Louh

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