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domenica 1 dicembre 2013

FLN militants call Benflis to be a presidential candidate

Always the same faces, the same traditions of the FLN, nothing changes "HADHA Hua Laqmech Addih ulla Khellih", "or eat the soup or you jump out the window?" Italian Proverb. We want a radical change in the government, delete all the kings who based their eternal home in the palace of the presidency. The FLN party, a virtual liberation of France, is no longer able to manage the country. There are a lot of young Algerians incorruptible, that would be better that these leeches that feed at the expense of the people from time indefinite. Parasites living at the expense of real people Algerians.

ALGERIA, will have to vote seriously its future president, we no longer need a guide as the FLN hell .
..Des militans du FLN appellent Benflis à se porter candidat à la présidentielle

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