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lunedì 9 dicembre 2013

International Day against Corruption prohibited celebration in Algeria

According Algeria ,
December 9 is the international day of struggle against corruption. In our country, it is simply ignored by the government and civil society prohibited celebration informs Djilali Hadjadj .
"Zero Corruption - 100% Development " is the slogan chosen by the United Nations Office against Drugs and Crime (UNODC) - Manager of the implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption , to celebrate tomorrow , Monday December 9, 2013 , the International Day against corruption , 10 edition of the genre. In Algeria, activists and trade unionists try to mark the day in their own way , although , again , no authorization was granted to them by the government for the organization of public events , while it is a UN event . A message from the UNODC associations around the world, has just been made public.

International Day against Corruption held on December 9 is an opportunity to educate the public about the phenomenon of corruption and its devastating effect in society. Around the world, governments , the private sector , non-governmental organizations, the media and ordinary citizens join forces to combat this crime.

The new campaign of 2013: " Zero Corruption - 100% Development" - is intended to illustrate how corruption hinders efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs ) that were agreed at the international level , how it undermines democracy and the rule of law , leads to violations of human rights , distorts markets , erodes the quality of life and allows other threats to human security to fortify .

Call the media !

Media , all media , can play an important role in the celebration of this day. We hope you will join us to celebrate this day : publishing articles and reports to highlight the date of December 9 , using the campaign: " Die for the call to action ", using " logo zero corruption - 100% development " on your publications.

Call associations and unions !

Associations and unions must also join us in commemorating this day : each according to his abilities , and all possible ways. Breaking the silence that want to impose government that does nothing to celebrate this day and makes every effort to prevent civil society to do !

Why the silence from the side of the UNDP Office in Algiers ?

Both the above message UNODC and UNDP ( headquartered in New York) is very clear and invites a wide celebration of this day , as we are entitled to wonder about the silence that prevails about this celebration on the side of the UNDP Office in Algiers ? In 11 years of existence of this celebration , following the adoption in 2003 of the UN Convention , the Algiers UNDP Office has never taken a single initiative to mark the day , while his counterparts neighboring countries have never missed this opportunity . For he , too, was banned celebration by the Algerian authorities , or he preferred not to offend the past by doing nothing ?

And the National Board of prevention and fight against corruption?

In Algeria , the authorities do not celebrate the day on December 9, they prohibit civil society to do the Algiers UNDP Office is conspicuously absent , and the National Board of prevention and fight against corruption ( ONPLC ) ? Nor is the celebration of the International Day against Corruption is not on his agenda.

And yet it would have been an opportunity to launch a message on the prevention of corruption. Write to ONPLC ! Call ONPLC , send emails , push him to break his silence !

Djilali Hadjadj
Article translated in english by Slimane Melab.
La Journée internationale contre la corruption interdite de célébration en Algérie

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