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sabato 7 dicembre 2013

World English press: "Group of Death". And the president FA "cutting the throat"

Slimane MELAB,
- Every time you make the draw world, come out of the controversy that do not lead anywhere, and especially not produce positive results in the center of the sporting circles. In 2006, France had deleted all the big teams: Brazil, Portugal and Spain and Italy eliminated while Australia and Ukraine, and later Germany. Even goes into the final against France. If we talk about merit but is not the case, here it is to fight and win with all manners and congratulations to Italy, which had been holding up to the rigors. Who is qualified in this world, it is not by chance or hearsay, we must respect all the qualified teams and we should not underestimate any of them. A great team does not have to be afraid of no one in particular, an apology from the climate or another should not affect the game system, the world only lasts a month, if not go to stay. Brazil won the World Cup 1958 in Sweden. Without targeting anyone in particular, we have to be positive and think about playing soccer against anyone and without fear. There is a team "mattress", and with regard to the group, they should complain more "small" teams and not "great." A warm welcome to all sports in Italy.
Il gesto di Greg Dyke, presidente della Fa, dopo il sorteggio Mondiale
The gesture of Greg Dyke, chairman of the Fa after the World Cup draw

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